Bespoke - For that very Special Occasion

It's not only us human folk that need to look the part - whether it's a wedding, a special Birthday or James Bond premier (yes true story)

As all of our items are handmade, we can create bespoke pieces that will last a lifetime. Got something in mind but sounds a bit out there? Have the fabric you wish to use for your puppies bow tie? Go for it, tell us, we can create it. 

To discuss, drop us a mail with subject header 'bespoke' to the
We'll get back to you with ideas, options and prices.

Prices start from £25
1: Black Silk embellished with Diamantes for the London James Bond Premiere
2. Luxurious tartan supplied by the customer to make a matching bowtie for their wedding
3. The customer was looking for a bow tie to match her dusky pink wedding theme that would stand out.
4. With a lilac wedding colour theme and an aversion to sequins, the customer wanted a bow tie that still had sparkle. So each diamante was put onto the french linen by hand. 
Collection of bespoke bow ties
 Time to let your imagination run wild and design your pup's next bow tie.